THE ADELPHEANS’ letter of welcome

THE ADELPHEANS was born out of one wand’ring twentysomething’s deep-felt desire to start something with her friends. Others had always considered her smart and clever; she had always considered herself a writer; she had very rarely done anything with those considerations. She had a group of lady friends, all Brooklynites (or formerly so), and they were also smart and clever and writers. It all just kind of made sense.

THE ADELPHEANS are named after the first US secret society for women, originally started in 1851, named The Adelphean Society, and located at Wesleyan College. It eventually turned into a sorority, but it was founded on fellowship and scholarship. So is this endeavor.

THE ADELPHEANS hope to bring you a little bit of everything that interests them, which is everything. Essays, opinions, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humor; photos, videos, audios; literature, television, cinema, music; food, fashion, history, pop culture; how-tos, interviews—they’ll bring you all this and more, like random presidential facts or the top ten best Will Smith-isms.

THE ADELPHEANS hope you enjoy.

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