10 Everyday Things You Never Knew I Had Names For

Inspired by this list, which is actually a really cool list of words.

1. Ambulamnesia : the moment when I briefly forget how to walk like a human and spend half the avenue wondering how my knees are supposed to move in conjunction with my ankles and also how I’m supposed to place my feet on the ground.

2. Tripping Point : reached when i’m taking myself too seriously on a crowded street.

3. Nabimania : the act of sticking my fingers in my mouth over and over again, wanting to but never biting my nails off.

4. Insomnianxious : the state I find myself in immediately upon attempting sleep.

5. Wasteland : my fridge. Always.

6. Hollow Ears : when there’s a specific song that I need to listen to at that very moment, but it isn’t on my iPhone.

7. Infinitasmagoria : a fantastic journey I take upon finding myself attracted to the tiniest detail about another human.

8. ICEpak : what I have to carry around with me everyday to feel whole, including at least one book, paper, pen, water bottle, planner, script, sunglasses, glasses, and back-ups of most of those things.

9. Mockingbird Syndrome : when I repeat what everyone says because I find it either funny, smart, or unbelievably stupid.

10. Sugarmouth : the need for chocolate, gummies, fruit, a mint–anything sweet, anything high in calories, anything I shouldn’t eat–after every single meal.

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