Because Sept. 1 Rapidly Approaches

Moving. It kind of sucks, right? But, like death and taxes and unrequited love, it’s just one of those things you are going to have to do at least once before you never do it again and eventually get audited. But at least you can listen to this mix, laugh at my hilarious song title edits, and know that everyone out there (minus Mitt Romney and everyone else faking their taxes) is doing it, too.

To Be Added To The Titles For Maximum NYC Specificity:

  1. From My Old, Shitty Shower
  2. Move-Out Date
  3. (And Mine)
  4. To The Second Floor
  5. But I Don’t Know How Long It’ll Take To Pick Up The Truck
  6. To Figure Out The One-Ways
  7. And So Is Your Room
  8. Thank You, Con-Ed
  9. From My Window Isn’t Great
  10. (And An Apartment)

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