Kirin Answers Bear Grylls’ Questions

Hi all, Kirin here. Starting at approximately 11:14AM EST, I’ll be answering questions that Reddit users asked Bear Grylls about a year ago! Any and all other questions can be sent to with the subject line, “Bear Grylls.” Here we go!

1. gmpalmer What three things should you keep always on your person and why?

Pen for note-taking and possible self-defense, current read for paper source and entertainment, and a watch for keeping track of…wait for it…time.

2. KidxA Do you feel your camera man gets the recognition he deserves? Always wondered how he does all the same things, but whilst holding a camera. It impresses me.

Honestly, I can’t even give my camera man the recognition he deserves. I have no idea where he is. That’s how good he does his job.

3. TheUnwashedMasses What’s your favorite hobby other than surviving?

Great question. When I’m not surviving, I personally like to die. It’s very bizarre how there aren’t really more options than that.

4. TellMeYMrBlueSky Do you play any other instruments besides guitar?

I don’t have a guitar, so I don’t play anything beside it. But I do play piano and ukulele.

5. bacon_of_hope Was this planned in advance with the train people?

Yes. This whole thing–the whole thing–has been planned to the last detail with great help and support from The Train People. If you or someone you know needs help planning “this,” contact The Train People and get your planning started today!

6. tankengine1 What scenario did you come across while filming that was completely unexpected and really caught you off-guard?

Once, I caught the briefest glimpse of Meryl Streep quickly exiting the backdoors of the Angelika Cinema in NYC. She jumped in a black Escalade and drove off–who saw that one coming?!

7. abedatemydog Have you ever felt like the situation was too dangerous to continue? Are there unfinished episodes for this reason?

You have to understand that, living a life like I live, most situations are too dangerous to continue. Going to a crowded bar? Abort episode. Grocery shopping? Abort episode. Free day at the MoMA? Abort episode. Maybe you want breakfast, but you kind of want oatmeal, but you’re walking to work so that’s not really plausible, so maybe you’ll just skip breakfast, but you need coffee, but you don’t have cash, so do you stop at an ATM or go somewhere you can buy one coffee with your debit card? ABORT EPISODE. Many, many episodes go unfinished because of the high danger levels.

8. gvoakes What was the least favorite thing you’ve ever forced yourself to eat?

Occasionally, I have to force myself to eat nothing. Like, I’ll have just had a huge burrito and a cookie and there’s maybe ice cream in the fridge when I get home, and it’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, and I want it, but I have to force myself not to eat it.  That’s my least favorite thing.

9. rhymingisfun What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained in the wild?

When I was little, I was playing on a thinly-roped hammock we had outside of my childhood home, and I slipped  and caught my two front teeth in the hammock and almost ripped them out. That was pretty painful and also outside so it counts as the “wild.”

10. Recoil1 What did you find was the hardest location to survive and film in the ‘Man Vs Wild’ series?

Lynchburg, VA, which is ironically where most of my ‘Man Vs Wild’ series has been filmed. It is small and suburban and very conservative–very hard.

11. chrisw61 What sort of training do you do to keep yourself in shape (both mentally and physically) for these sort of adventures?

My training routine consists of this: read a lot, spend a lot of time alone, watch a lot of foreign cinema, get really annoyed walking in big groups of people. That generally prepares me for any adventures I find in my way.

12. jaju123 Did you actually play your video game? If so, what did you think?

I am unaffiliated with any video games that may have been made of my life, including but not limited to: Walking to Work: SidewalkApocalypse; Sitter of Babies 1, 2 & 3; Dawn of the Intern; Call of Duty: Musical Theatre Kid Zombies; The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald: Historically Obsessed!

13. damnstraight When you finally do “retire”, where do you see yourself living?

Tom Hanks’ apartment in the movie “Big.”

14. [deleted] What made you join the military when you were younger? And are you just incredibly talented for the UK Special Forces or are your skills common place in the UKSF?

When I was younger, I thought to myself, “Maybe I want to be an actor.” Now, the nice thing about being an actor is you can do anything, anywhere, at any time. So when the opportunity to join the military came up, it was really no sweat off my back. I thought, “Why not?” so I joined up.

And I am just incredibly talented in general, meaning that none of my skills are commonplace.

15. upvoteforyouhun I don’t think he’ll ever see this, but I am curious. How does your wife/kids feel about the dangerous things you do for your show? Do they watch?

I don’t know what male you’re worrying about seeing this, but curiosity is always good, so I’ll take this question. I have never been married in my life and have no children to my name or knowledge, and if you would like to contest this, please write to with the confirmed results of a paternity test, or your claim will not be taken seriously.

16. geyserpj Im an eagle scout. whats your take on the scouts. i will not be offended in anyway. just curious?

My take, as a homosexual youth looking to date other boys in khaki and wilderness training, is that maybe the Eagle Scouts should quit denying me access to my biggest, most compatible dating pool.

17. kristian444 If, after the collapse of society, you had to be eaten by another well-know person (in any field), who would it be and why?

I would truly relish in being eaten, limb by limb, by Tony Hale as Buster Bluth, post-claw. I think it would be the best way to go.

18. Tapco2001 How many bears could Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?

Who could possibly grill a whole bear? And why would a bear be grilling other bears? Is he a dictator bear? Is this a bear holocaust? What messed up world is this a question in? But, if I had to guess, maybe 3.

19. bonds7 How do you feel about being such an iconic figure on the internet?

I feel really great about it, actually.

20. jaggazz Besides a dead camel, where is the worst place you ever had to spend the night?

Besides a dead camel, could there be a worse place to spend the night?


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