In case you missed it…

Here are some highlights from our live-tweeting of the election last night. And hooray, Obama. The Adelpheans retain their rights in this beautiful country!


Opening Statement of the Night:

@Adelpheans: We would all go gay for Rachel Maddow. #election2012 9:49 PM


Some GOP-dissing (sorry to the GOP but not really sorry):

@Adelpheans: “The Republican Party needs to do a little soul-searching.” Wait–the GOP have souls?!?!?! #Election2012 9:51 PM

@Adelpheans: Someone’s MUSTACHE is on the line?! Mitt, do the right thing–FORFEIT THE RACE.#Election2012 10:48 PM

@KirinMcCrory on #FOX “WHO IS THAT WOMAN? She looks like Dracula’s wife!” #election2012 11:42 PM

@Adelpheans: CNN: “Romney needed this number to be higher.” What was the number? %72. What’d it denote? PERCENTAGE OF WHITES WHO VOTED FOR ROMNEY. More?! 12:15 AM – 7 Nov 12

@Adelpheans: “Besides Ann, Paul is the best choice I’ve ever made.” Why don’t you take him to ME or MD and MARRY HIM????? #Election2012 12:57 AM – 7 Nov 12

@KirinMcCrory “Shots of republicans crying!” #election2012 12:58 AM – 7 Nov 12


Some Todd Akin/Richard Mourdock Dissing (NOT sorry about this one whatsoever):

@GemmaKaneko: None of these @richardmourdocks are validated so I don’t know who smugly tweet at. #Election2012 10:03 PM

@Adelpheans: It’s okay if Todd Akin loses: I hear the body has ways to shut down that sort of thing (losing). #Election2012 10:07 PM


Generally Good Tweeting:

@Adelpheans: The Adelpheans want to go BROWARD with @BarackObama. Aka not because we’re ladies and he respects us! #Election2012 9:55 PM

@Adelpheans: “YEAAAAH TAMMY DUCKWORTH!” @GemmaKaneko #Election2012 10:36 PM

@Adelpheans: Guys, @GemmaKaneko is so excited she just fist-pumped the glasses off her face. #Election2012 #WomenPunchingThemselvesInTheFaceForObama 11:47 PM

@Adelpheans: “I love you…over there…”@kelsfjord is talking about Nevada.#Election2012 11:50 PM

@GemmaKankeo: All of us at the @adelpheans HQ were faking asleep until we heard “leukemia”. #election2012 1:56 AM – 7 Nov 12


Tweet of the Night:

Not originally tweeted by the Adelpheans (credit goes to @NoahGarfinkel), but we added the crucial name:

“Ann, put away the good milk. There will be no celebration tonight.” – Mitt Romney

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