If Only Real Life Were Like “Clue

I’d like to hazard a guess that:

  • Nanny Kirin put the baby to sleep in the Nursery with A Fast-Attack Bottle.
  • New Rental Management Company changed the Rent Due Date in an Untimely Sent Notice.
  • Old Rental Management Company currently withholds the Security Deposit for Unknown and Unfounded Reasons.
  • That Barista made my day at the Counter with a Good-Natured Mockery Of My Frazzled State.
  • Lunch was had in the Living Room by way of Green Curry With Chicken.
  • Christmas Music went Severely Downhill after approximately 1980.


Here, make your own real-life version of “Clue!” Print out cards for:

These potentially nefarious characters!

  • Landlord Luther
  • Mama Mumford
  • Employer Edith
  • Roommate Randy
  • Potential Significant Other
  • Your Whiniest Friend

These totally normal and everyday rooms!

  • The Foyer
  • The Rec Room
  • The Truckstop Men’s Bathroom
  • The Observation Deck
  • The Tiki Bar Near The Pool
  • The Wine Cellar

These obviously threatening inanimate objects!

  • An Inadequate Paycheck
  • Slow Pedestrians
  • Undiagnosed Health Concerns
  • Existential Fears
  • A Book
  • Emotional Baggage

And get to making that YOUR life–yes, YOURS!–is a madcap murder mystery!

“Normal Life Clue” © Kirin McCrory 2012

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