the adelpheans

KIRIN McCRORY is the founder of The Adelpheans; sarcastic and caustic, and also neurotic–has many tics; works as an actor, a playwright, a fight choreographer, and a writer; dances alone to Chet Baker; reads mostly classics; kind of pretentious, often embarrassed by it but embraces it nevertheless; will put her hands in the drooliest mouth of a dog, but will not entertain the thought of touching spiders; can do the dances from many Beyoncé videos move for move.

GEMMA KANEKO is a proud cynic and secret romantic. Accomplishments include: getting rejected from N+1’s personal ads, driving across the country and back again (stopping at all of the historical markers…gentlemen), and having read about 2/3 of Modern Library’s 100 best novels. For money she tends bar and for love she writes, directs, and agonizes about being alive.

KELSEY FORD hasn’t turned in a bio yet.

BRITTANY ALLEN comes from Houston, Texas and the outskirts of Washington, DC. She lives in Queens now (none of your lip) with a cat named Lucy and the makings of a grand library. She likes to act, read, write and sing. Personal ramblings and fiction can be found on her own blog,, or in the Grey Sparrow Press (Fall 2011 edition). She’s a founding member of the Rescue Agreement Theatre company, works often with the sketch comedy collective the machine, and presently studies with the Upright Citizens Brigade. There are many projects, many worries, things to discuss — she won’t say no to a coffee.

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