In Case That Whole “Acting” Thing Doesn’t Work Out

Since I finished school in 2011, life has been a constant summer vacation. You know, complete with a low paying job and hours of idleness. But, in honor of those who are going back to school, here’s a list of some of the coolest and strangest majors and minors in education:

1. Adventure Education/Adventure Recreation at Green Mountain College, Vermont

According to GMC’s website, “EXPERIENCING AN EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE often requires a well-trained professional leader.” Apparently, this program teaches you to be one of those people that lead “adventures”, like rock climbing expeditions or whitewater rafting trips. But, you get a  Fall sophomore field semester comprised of a 10-day rock instructor course, five-day raft guide training, seven-day canoe expedition, six-day mountain bike management course and a seven-day backpacking course.” For credit, presumably.

Apply at:

2. Packaging at Michigan State University

This is what my dad majored in when he went to MSU. Here, you can learn about “such diverse items as bottles, cans, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, drums, wooden containers, pallets, pails, tubes, vials, and jars.” My dad claims that it was an easy major and that it let him spend most of his time using his new engineering skills figuring out how to fire water balloons at his enemy frat house.

Apply at:

3. Wildland Restoration or Resource Conservation at The University of Montana

For Montana, this makes lots of sense. Here, you can spend time in the various and beautiful Montana wilderness, and actually work on restoring on the ecosystems that have problems. The only problem that I see here is that inevitable moment when some stoned undergrad accidentally destroys the last nest of an endangered swamp thrush or something.

Apply at:

4. Exercise Science at Willamette University

This is the most floridly described program on this list. I presume that this has to do with exercising, but here’s what Willamette says: “The mission of the Department of Exercise Science is to provide students with a solid grounding in the factual and conceptual mastery of the interdisciplinary nature of the study of human movement.” And then…you get a job making exercise videos for PhD candidates? Also, you become “fluent in numeracy”. So. There’s that.

Apply at:

5. New Genres at Sierra Nevada College

Oh, wait. This description might take the cake. I was going to try to be snarky but I’ll just let you read this for yourself. Bolding mine.

…Central to this mission is our consistent strategy of placing artwork outside the confines of the academic institution…the advantages presented by our Leeds certified Tahoe Environmental Science Center, our involvement in the annual Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, and participation in ongoing alternative exhibition venues all foster this sense that solutions to real world problems entail creativity and innovation. In addition, students are advised to bring in skills found in other areas of our small liberal arts college, such as our poetry writing and outdoor environmental leadership.  Together these resources provide a model for cross disciplinary education that speaks of individual solutions and contexts, pairing artistic design with real world problems.

You guys, New Genres is a major in being a hipster.

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